Other Ways

Other Ways To Donate

  • Designate Plowshares to receive your United Way paycheck deduction.
  • Donate to Plowshares through your work place payroll deduction.
  • Read our newsletter, the Plowshares Advocate, at this site instead of receiving it in hard copy by mail. You’ll receive notification via email when each new newsletter is available on our Newsletter page and you’ll save us the paper and postage — just click here to give us your email address.
  • Cash donations are vital to our existence. Plowshares is community supported, which means that we operate with a minimum of paperwork but, also, that we rely almost entirely on the support you find in your heart to provide. No gift is too small and all gifts are tax-deductible. Just click the Donate button on the right or put a check in the envelope that comes with the newsletter. To sign up for the newsletter to be mailed to you just click here to give us your email address.
  • Think of Plowshares when you update your will. Bequests benefit your estate as well as Plowshares. Contact Plowshares at 707-462-8582 for details.